Brake Proportional Valve

Brake Proportional Valve

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In order to compensate for varying road/track conditions or vehicle handling characteristics, AP Racing's Proportioning Valves are specifically designed for use in competition vehicles where the hydraulic line pressure and braking effort of the rear brakes need to be reduced.

Brake proportional valves

also known as a brake pressure regulator or brake proportioning valve, is an important component in the braking system of a vehicle. Its main function is to distribute hydraulic pressure to the brakes in a balanced and proportional manner.

A typical braking system has different front and rear brakes that have different braking characteristics. In general, front brakes provide more stopping power than rear brakes. A brake proportional valve controls the amount of hydraulic pressure applied to each brake circuit in order to ensure proper braking performance and prevent wheel lock-up.

A brake proportional valve is usually located between the master cylinder and the brake calipers or wheel cylinders. Based on factors such as vehicle load distribution, weight transfer during braking, and road conditions, the hydraulic pressure can be adjusted.

The brake proportional valve balances the braking force between the front and rear wheels. By adjusting the hydraulic pressure, it ensures that both sets of brakes are applied equally, improving overall stability and control.

Uneven braking forces can cause wheel lock-up, in which one or more wheels stop rotating while others continue. As a result, control can be lost and skidding can occur. By limiting hydraulic pressure to the wheels that have less traction, the proportional valve prevents wheel lock-up.

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