Clutch master cylinder (tractor)

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clutch master cylinder

The clutch system uses a hydraulic pump to provide hydraulic power to the clutch. A clutch master cylinder consists of a pump body, a piston, and an oil pipeline. The clutch master cylinder is responsible for generating sufficient hydraulic force to disengage or engage the clutch.

The clutch master cylinder transmits pressure to the clutch release when the clutch pedal is depressed. As a result, power is disconnected between the transmission and the engine, allowing shifting to take place.

To meet the clutch's operating requirements, the clutch master cylinder is designed to provide appropriate flow and pressure. The clutch must be selected based on the vehicle model, engine power, and clutch design parameters, and must function reliably under a variety of conditions.

Transmission of power

By providing hydraulic pressure, the clutch master cylinder controls the hydraulic clutch. Through the hydraulic clutch master cylinder, power from the tractor engine is transmitted first to the hydraulic clutch, allowing it to be engaged or separated. By disconnecting the transmission and engine, shifting becomes easier.

Operation of the shift

For shifting operations, the clutch master cylinder also operates the hydraulic clutch system. As the driver depresses the clutch pedal, the clutch master cylinder transmits hydraulic pressure to the hydraulic clutch release, which separates and disconnects the clutch. This allows the transmission to perform shifting operations without causing damage to the engine or transmission.

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