Brake Wheel Cylinder (tractor)

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Tractor brake cylinder (Brake Master Cylinder)

It controls the tractor's braking system. Hydraulic force is transferred from the pedal to each wheel of the braking system, enabling the tractor to stop safely and steadily.A brake cylinder consists of a piston, sealing ring, and hydraulic oil chamber.As the brake pedal is depressed, the piston pushes forward, creating hydraulic pressure. As a result of this pressure, each brake grips the brake disc or drum, slowing or stopping thetractor.

A tractor's braking system depends on brake cylinders to improve efficiency and safety

Brake cylinders convert brake fluid pressure into hydraulic power, which enables the brakes to apply braking force more quickly and evenly. Furthermore, it ensures that each wheel receives the appropriate braking force, thus improving the stability and reliability of the whole braking system by balancing the braking force distribution between the front and rear axles.

By adjusting the emergency braking force distribution, the brake cylinder can also increase safety. The brake wheel cylinder can transfer more hydraulic pressure to the brakes during emergency braking, allowing the vehicle to stop more quickly.

Tractors that are heavily loaded or traveling at high speeds develop greater inertia forces when braking, so this is especially important. With the brake cylinder, the tractor can better control the braking force, reduce the braking distance, and improve its ability to prevent accidents.

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